What are we going to do?

Audio and video intelligent application integration solutions and equipment professional providers,

14 years of industry accumulation of precipitation, focus on professional quality!

两个大叔一起玩我Provide security integrated management platform, security storage server, security storage private cloud system, streaming media forwarding server, infrared intelligent PTZ camera, laser pan/tilt camera, IoT intelligent surveillance camera, thermal imaging pan/tilt or turntable camera, etc. Equipment; also provides customized OEM services.

Intelligent analysis system for management platform

Smart security integrated business management platform system, security storage/private cloud/streaming media forwarding management system, intelligent algorithm integration application early warning dispatching command system

Beidou positioning video surveillance dispatch management early warning system, face and license plate recognition, parking space detection, item detection, environmental detection, behavior analysis, groupware warning, etc.

Security management platform system

  The video integrated management platform software is designed for multi-site distributed monitoring architecture and is designed for network video surveillance equipment such as embedded digital hard disk recorders, network video servers, and network cameras. The software supports running on Windows or LINUX platform [depending on different versions], adopts advanced micro-core plus plug-in development technology, supports B/S, C/S and mobile client, which is quick to install, easy to set up, easy to use, and It has functions such as audio and video capture, storage, forwarding and centralized management. It is widely used in the medium-sized network monitoring and security field of government, enterprises and institutions. It is a comprehensive function network security monitoring and management system.

Brief introduction of intelligent analysis algorithm

两个大叔一起玩我The intelligent analysis algorithm can be integrated into the front-end camera or deployed on the back-end server. The intelligent analysis algorithms for mature applications are:

Cross-line detection intrusion detection stop detection smoke detection flame detection

Spark detection retrograde detection ultra-high detection cluster detection target detection

Personnel falling to the ground detection Item legacy detection Retention detection Abnormal parking detection

两个大叔一起玩我Personnel trail detection Hanging banner inspection Queue length detection Violation stop detection

两个大叔一起玩我Personnel crossing detection item removal detection traffic congestion detection item withdrawal detection

Face Recognition Comparison License Plate Recognition Comparison Vehicle Slow Detection Vehicle Overspeed Detection

Pedestrian intrusion detection Elevator anomaly detection Liquid leak detection Flow statistics warning

Vehicle abnormal trajectory detection Driver abnormal state monitoring Staff intense activity and fight detection

Professional system provider builds with you

              Security and artificial intelligence integrated application system

Typical application of PTZ or turntable
Photoelectric turntable anti - wind coastline remote monitoring
Border or ocean remote laser thermal imaging monitoring
Photoelectric turntable anti - typhoon laser / thermal imaging ship application
Heavy - duty PTZ Laser / Thermal Imaging Multispectral Remote Monitoring
River or water conservancy heavy pan / tilt laser monitoring
Police car or urban management vehicle police with PTZ monitoring
Heavy - duty Yuntai Mountain Forest / Forest / Farm / Water Conservancy Remote Monitoring
Based on high - speed PTZ terminal / logistics park / oil depot dynamic monitoring system
Reservoir / farm / border / river laser or thermal imaging monitoring
Choose our essential four major advantages
Let the smart security system more intelligent, more simple and more efficient

Focus on professional

14 years[2005~2019] of professional and experienced systems and product design and R & D team for brand awareness of the customer service to provide sustainable competitiveness.

One-stop high-quality service

From the front-end acquisition equipment to the back-end management storage and forwarding analysis system and equipment and program design, providing one-stop military quality, self-control service

Forward-looking and customizable

4K HD collection, data mining and analysis, artificial intelligence and industry differences Custom application design development and integration, enhance market and project operational competitiveness.

Strategic business model

My company as a professional wisdom and security equipment providers, mainly focused on their own areas of research and development and integration, has been implemented since the implementation of the concept of customer Baotuan development and common development; with the provision of OEM / ODM services
Application video demo
4K HD camera application effect
Intelligent traffic road monitoring application
Vehicle intelligent PTZ anti-shake function
PTZ intelligent tracking application
Thermal imaging anti-theft mining application
Temperature detection Thermal imaging application
Remote thermal imaging / laser monitoring
Thermal imaging / laser maritime monitoring
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